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Thinking of entering the Oral Health Awards? Here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started!

1st February 2018

Don’t leave it until the last minute – be aware of the closing date and leave yourself enough time to get everything ready to submit. Make it interesting – the judges will be looking at a lot of entries so yours needs to stand out and be memorable. While it comes down to the content, […]


21st November 2017

At the incredible ceremony last Friday the winners of the Oral Health Awards 2017 were announced. This year’s entries were outstanding, leaving the judges with some very difficult decisions. The ceremony was a fantastic, and a great day was had by all those that attended. We look forward to seeing the standard of the entries […]

Fruit juices and smoothies causing ‘substantial tooth erosion’

13th October 2017

Fruit juices and smoothies could be leading to irreversible damage to the nation’s teeth, the Oral Health Foundation has warned. New research has found that two in five adults (43%) in the UK consume one or more fruit smoothies every day. Some fruit juices and smoothies can contain up to four times the recommended daily […]

The Finalists Have Been Announced

28th September 2017

After much deliberation and discussion, the finalists have been selected. The quality of the entries this year amazed the judges setting the bar for all the categories. With so many fantastic practices that entered the ceremony should be a fantastic afternoon! Best Care of Nervous Patients Favero Dental Clinic Garden Square Dental Parmar Dental Pont […]

Chilling out

2nd August 2017

Victoria Pedgrift gives the low-down on sensitive teeth and offers home care advice to pass on to patients. Sensitive teeth can cause patients to have reactions from a mild irritation or a familiar twinge when they eat certain foods, to a more serious pain that affects their quality of life. A degree of sensitivity is, […]

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